Design and implementation of communication and sensitization campaigns, promoting rights and cultural heritage, against all forms of violation of human rights ;
Implementation of activities of organization, management and communication of cultural, artistic and socio-political events;
Media relations, public relations and communication management to meet, ethically, the specific needs of promotion and dissemination of content, products and events which we recognize as having social value or social purposes ;
Designing and conducting training initiatives, seminars and workshops for adults and teenagers in line with the values of the association;
Design and implementation of studies, research and qualitative and quantitative surveys in the academic world;
Implementation of study days , seminars and opportunities for co-education, both nationally and internationally, in order to share best practices.  


The resources that the environment provides us with are not only “rural” but also economical. To respect the environment...


For us, It is important to know our history, our identity, enhancing the culture and promoting it towards those...


The equity among citizens, equal rights , Article 3 of the italian constitution “… without distinction of sex, race,...


Wellness should not be considered exclusively as the health status of human being, but is instead a component of...


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