About Us

BETA is an association operating in the cultural and social field. The name BETA is an acronym which conveys the bond with the main areas of intervention of our reality: Wellness (Benessere) – Equity (Equità) – Territory (Territorio)- Environment (Ambiente).

BETA combines these areas in a united, integrated vision , because we believe that those efforts, designed to raise awareness and take action in these areas should be animated by the same principles, though adapted for different contexts. Then, responsible citizenship, gender equity, social inclusion, respect for the environment, critical consumption, active citizenship: these are, among others, the features that characterize BETA’s personality.

Mission and Vision

To achieve its purpose , BETA will undertake a variety of activities, including:

  • the creation of national and communitarian planning for the benefit of public and / or private sector and the participation in european and national calls to pursue all the goals listed above ;
  • the development of strategies, support devices and training courses for those who work in the public and private labour field.
  • the development of courses, teaching and information materials for children, young people, students of primary and secondary school and university;
  • the development of communication and education tools targeted at different groups of people and disadvantaged individuals;
  • the design of the initiatives aimed at giving impulses to the growth of children , youth and adults , also through the creation of places with educational and recreational purposes, providing, moreover, space for social gatherings ;
  • the development of cooperation projects or transnational mobility with other european countries and the world;
  • the framing and the development of plans, research and projects in order to work with the cultural heritage in our territory;
  • activities of research and study;
  • the organization and management of conferences, seminars, training sessions, cultural and artistic events, etc.;
  • the design of interventions for the protection and conservation of scientific, technological, environmental, historical and cultural commonweals, with the involvement of the industrial and the craft sector ;
  • the study and the realization of social and communication campaigns, products and / or services, including intermediation, for the Third Sector;

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